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Top 100 Male and Female Dog Names ListCheck out these top dog names, a list of mixed names for male and female dogs.

For many years, Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) created a study at the beginning of each year, collecting the most popular name choices from their pet insurance policyholder information. Since they were the largest pet insurance company in the United States, their database offered a clear view of name trends that are happening across the country.

VPI is no longer a stand-alone company, and is part of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Nationwide no longer compiles its name lists *except* for their top wackiest dog names each year.
We have included the last normal names list that was published here on this page, but thought it would also be fun to list some of our favorites from their top 50 wackiest dog names of 2015- their newest type of name list- on this page as well. If you happen to be a cat lover, they also compile the same list of crazy names from cats listed on their pet insurance policies.

If you want to see the wackiest names for cats from Nationwide’s policies (or previous years of lists for silly canine names) click here!

Favorites from the Top 50 Wackiest Dog Names of 2015

1. Baron Von Furry Pants
7. Nutmeg Spice O’ Paris
8. Abraham Lincoln Continental
21. Foxy Skittles Dicker
23. Goober Mcfatkins
33. Lord Chubby Pruneface
42. Prince Patches Ohoulihan The Third Of Wilshire
46. Simon Wiggles Potato
48.Tuffy The Wonder Dog

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